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At Shatto Veterinary Center, we do a lot more than veterinary care. You can bring your dog or cat to us for innovative acupuncture and laser therapy treatments, microchipping, and health certificates.

First-time patients get 50% off the cost of the examination with an appointment. Call us to book your appointment.

Protect Your Pet With a Microchip

One of the best ways to ensure the future of your dog or cat is with a microchip implant. A collar can come off, but a microchip implanted just beneath the skin will always stay with your pet.

Most veterinarians can scan for a microchip and compare it to a registration database. That way, if you ever lose your pet and someone takes it to a veterinarian or shelter that scans for microchips, you can be reunited as soon as possible.

If you've found a stray dog or cat, we can scan for the chip and help you return the pet to its anxious owner.

US and International Health Certificates

If you travel with your dog or cat, you can come to Shatto Veterinary Center for the US and international paperwork necessary to show that your pet is in good health and up to date on vaccinations. We'll provide you with proper documentation to get your animal companion through customs.
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Easy parking. Reasonable prices. Incredibly friendly staff.

My boy had a sudden UTI late one night, was able to get an appointment first thing in the morning and he was better by the next day. Very clean facility and Dr. Sung genuinely cares for her patients.

— Jas C. from Yelp.
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